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Free Appraisal Offer

Free Appraisal coupon must be presented at the time of reverse mortgage application in order to be valid - no later than May 15, 2022. This offer only applies to applicants who complete the reverse mortgage lending process and have their reverse mortgage recorded and funded. The cost of the appraisal, up to but not to exceed $600 (the actual cost of the appraisal or $600, whichever is less) will be reimbursed to the borrower if the borrower has paid for the appraisal in advance. Reimbursement will be applied/issued once the loan has been successfully recorded and funded. If the borrower has not paid for the appraisal in advance, Abide will cover the cost of the first, initial appraisal up to but not to exceed $600 (the actual cost of the appraisal or $600, whichever is less). In the event a second appraisal is required, the cost of the second appraisal is the sole responsibility of the borrower, either through payment in advance or through the inclusion of the appraisal fee in the financed closing costs of the loan. If for any reason, the borrower's reverse mortgage does not successfully record and fund, the borrower will receive no compensation, refund or reimbursement of any sort for the cost of the appraisal and may be personally responsible for the cost of the appraisal. This offer is only valid and available to residents of Utah and Florida.

Gift Card Offer

All individuals must meet minimum qualifications in order to be eligible for a reverse mortgage. Minimum qualifications include, but are not limited to, the following - at least one applicant is 62 years old or older, the applicant is a homeowner or homebuyer with a fully executed purchase agreement, the applicant is a U.S. citizen, or legal resident. To be considered a complete application, the applicant(s) and any non-borrowing spouse must complete all necessary fields in the application packet, sign and date the application and all disclosures, provide all required income documentation, provide signed credit report authorization, provide legible copies of acceptable government-issued identification, provide copies of acceptable social security verification, provide evidence of homeowners insurance (if applicable), provide HOA statement (if applicable), provide a copy of the fully executed trust and all amendments/addendums (if applicable), provide all applicable asset information and documentation, complete the required HUD counseling and sign and date the counseling certificate and otherwise provide any and all documentation necessary to be considered a full, complete and accurate reverse mortgage application. The determination of a complete application is made at Abides' and any applicable lenders' sole discretion. The amount of the gift card, at the time of award, upon the successful completion and submission of the application is valued at $50 (fifty dollars). This offer is only valid and available to residents of Utah and Florida.