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What Can A Reverse Mortgage Do For You?

A reverse mortgage can be structured to meet your specific retirement needs. With some planning and the help of a knowledgeable reverse mortgage consultant, you can get the most out of the reverse mortgage program.

What can the new Reverse Mortgage Program do for you? That depends on what you want or need it to do. The reasons homeowners take out reverse mortgages vary greatly depending on their short and long-term retirement goals. At Abide, our goal is to ensure that we understand fully the objectives and goals of each client so we can recommend the most beneficial options available. And we remain dedicated to that goal. Sometimes our recommendation is to not get a reverse mortgage or to wait a few years before getting one.

Some goals we discuss as part of our thorough and balanced approach include:

  • How to grow reverse mortgage funds with our Flexible Growth Line for regular or future draws

  • Eliminating monthly debt payments in order to increase your cash flow

  • Setting up a monthly Home Pension in order to supplement your income

  • Establishing a rainy-day fund or additional savings that will let you enjoy retirement fully

  • Home remodeling or repairs that will support your decision to age in place

  • Delaying Social Security benefits while letting your investments grow

  • Creating college education, savings, or other accounts for your grandchildren

  • Providing added protection from investment downturns

  • Maintaining your current standard of living

  • Enjoying travel and leisure activities

Contact us today for a complimentary review of your retirement goals and a discussion on how a reverse mortgage might be able to help you achieve them.

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